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Dr. Geoffrey Carr, Registered Psychologist, Registered Play Therapist
Welcome.Dr. Geoffrey Carr, Ph.D.

My waitlist for new clients currently extends to September (2016). I will update this message as this changes. You can find psychologists who are able to see you immediately at www.psychologists.bc.ca

    Among the more common reasons people come to see me are:

    • Depression  (including clinical depression / major depressive disorder) 
    • Anxiety  (including panic / anxiety attacks, anxiety disorders) 
    • Strong fears (including phobias)  
    • Stress (including stress management) 
    • Grief 
    • Addictive behaviour 
    • Childhood abuse issues (physical, emotional, & sexual abuse)
    • Trauma 
    • Being Human Book
    • Anger 
    • Low self-esteem  
    • Assertiveness 
    • Self-defeating behaviour 
    • Life transitions 
    • Personal & spiritual growth 
    • Couples counselling 
    • Conflict in relationships 
    • Communication problems 
    • Difficulties with intimacy 
    • Children's behaviour problems
    • Parenting difficulties
    • Problems of adolescence (including teen depression, teenage stress)

    I completed my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology over 25 years ago and have been in private practice in Vancouver for over 20 years. I was a professor at the University of British Columbia and at Simon Fraser University before this, and have continued to supervise clinical psychology students. At this point all of my practice is psychotherapy/counselling, but in the past a major part of my work involved assessing families involved in the court system and providing expert witness testimony to the courts. I have served as an Oral Examiner with the College of Psychologists for many years, assisting to ensure that potential new psychologists meet the registration requirements.

    My orientation to working with people draws from several different theoretical approaches, is informed by current research, and emphasizes respect and compassion for my clients.  My approach is flexible and tailored to the individual needs and desires of each person I work with.  I blend my expertise in the approaches and methods together with the feelings, comfort, and beliefs of each client.  I provide people with plenty of feedback regarding my impressions such that each person is able to make informed decisions about their therapy.  When people are willing, I recommend reading and other activities that can be done between sessions in order to maximize the benefits in as short a time as possible. 

    Further information is available through the links at the left.  You can learn more about my general approach to working with people through the "Psychotherapy" link.  You can learn more about my training through the "Credentials and Education" link. Information about making making an appointment with me and about my current waiting list time is under the "Appointments" link.

    Please note that I no longer conduct court-ordered Child Custody & Access Assessments or Parenting Capacity Assessments. Please call the B.C. Psychological Association for a referral to a psychologist who will provide this service.  


Contact Information: 
#206 - 4545 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada   V6R 2J2
Phone: 604-518-1416

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